Post 282 Working on my book and printer and printer ink issues

'08 Apr 10 I've been working on my Meditation “tools” book and I came to the realization that I had to write a separate chapter on denial based meditation and then revise the rest of the book to reflect that change. It’s a lot of work but it’s a necessary change as it will separate the “wheat from the chaff” so to speak.

I was finding it difficult as I was confused, as now I had things all over the place and I had to piece them together in a way that not only made sense to me, but to the people that will be reading the book. Part of the problem was that everything is on MSWord in my computer and as such, I found it hard to remember what was where and what changes have been made.

The other part of the problem is that while I have a 2 year old printer, a canon ip1500, it has two small ink cartridges, one for black and the other for colour and I can only get maybe 75 pages/cartridge. I tried to refill them but it doesn’t work, so I’m forced to by new cartridges and I refuse to pay $35.00 per cartridge.

It just so happens that it’s spring clean up time in Woodstock and as I was going to work, I saw some computer stuff that had been put out to the curb for pick up. I stopped and to my surprise, I found and older Canon printer, an i550 model that had four large ink cartridges (with ink still in them) that are four times bigger than the newer model I have. The best part is that the cartridges are refillable as they don’t have the printed circuit board on them like the newer models, that are programmed to prevent them from being refilled… I put the printer in the back of the truck and went to work

The next day, I cleaned the printer up and downloaded the drivers and to my surprise, it worked great… I topped up the cartridges and I was off and running making copies of the material that I needed to change. With the printed pages, I then began to make changes by cutting and pasting and adding notes and then I edited my Word document on my computer. I’ll be taking my old printer to the Salvation Army as maybe someone else can use it…. if they want to buy the cartridges… .


PS:Printer ink is a real sore spot for me as it’s got to be the biggest rip off around… even worse than gasoline prices… At $35.00/cartridge for 7ml of ink… that’s 1000/7 = 142.8 cartridges/litre (quart) x $35.00 = $5,000.00/litre (quart) x 4 = $20,000.00/gallon

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