Post 283 Trees – Life, New and old Souls

’08 Apr 13 12:51 am Earlier in the evening I had been looking at a tree outside my bedroom window and I was thinking of how mush our life is like a trees life… Hummm! Interesting… the tree of life…

The tree starts out like we do with a sexual act with two cells joining and then growing to create two more and so on until it is able to establish itself as a seed. The seed then establishes contact with the Earth and the other elements of light (heat, fire), air, water and space and time, and it grows to experience itself and its relationships to other things that have also chosen to experience life on Earth.

I was then thinking of the structure of the tree from the roots, trunk, branches, twigs, leaves and flowers and how it goes though one cycle, one season, similar to our one life time. Then I thought about how new growth, new parts don’t replace the old, but are added to the old or existing growth. I was thinking of my previous writings on space and time and how a tree’s past (the old branches of yesterday) form the foundation of the new and present growth that will form the basis of future growth of tomorrow.

A young tree doesn’t occupy much space because it hasn’t had the (time) to grow and experience life like a tree that is older and has experienced more (time) on Earth and with that it’s also bigger, as it occupies more space. I was comparing the tree to Humans as we compare a child to an adult in the same way. We say that an adult has had more time/space experience than a young child.

Then taking that one step further, I could also see how and why some humans are called “Young Souls” while others that have had more incarnations and space/time experience, like the large and older tree, are called “Old Souls.”

Things that make me go Hummmm?

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