Post 286 A message on Ectoplasm

’08 Apr 14 5:05 am I woke up to hearing someone talking and I knew that it was in Spirit. I reached under my pillow and grabbed my journal and began writing what I was hearing. As I began to write I felt that this was different and wasn’t like channeling where I’m consciously aware of the message. This was like I was listening to someone give a speech. I did my best to write and keep up with what I was hearing but unlike a channeled message, where I can keep up with the dialogue, this voice just kept on going, oblivious to the limitations of my physical writing speed.

So here is what I got…

“When we describe movement in its Ectoplastic terms we tend to limit it to its physical characteristics when in fact, it is unlimited. Movement is the property that gives life to the ectoplastic creation. Life’s the dance and love is the music and together we experience our creation.”

There was a bit more, but by this time I was too busy trying to remember what was said, to even hear what was being said, and then it just suddenly stopped…

“Love is the Music and Life is the Dance”

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