Post 287 Quitting my job – Being in CONTROL

’08 Apr 17 8:25 am well I gave my notice at work yesterday and I’ll be finished May 10. When I told her, she looked shocked, and but smiled and said that at least I gave her notice… When I leave there will only be one experienced staff person left as another experienced woman is leaving this Saturday.

While I was having breakfast I was thinking that a reason that I started my own company was so that I could be my own boss and I in CONTROL. I could be the one giving the orders instead of having to take them and just grin and bear it while the ass holes that were in charge either didn’t have the intelligence to see and solve the problem, or they were just indifferent as they were in control no matter what and as such, it was never their fault or responsibility as they could always blame another, especially the ones that were bitching and complaining about the problems or working conditions.

Of course when I was the boss, it was my intent to be the opposite, so I went to the other end of the teeter-totter and my employees got away with stuff that I had to fix or deal with.

Hummm. Again, as I’m typing this for my blog I’m feeling how my issues with “bosses” were also issues with “bullies”


1 thought on “Post 287 Quitting my job – Being in CONTROL

  1. kudos to you!!I quit my job 12 years ago and I never regretted!!working on projects I enjoy these past 12 years made me a better person, a better mother ,even as a single mom I made it, and my blood pressure came down without medication within a 3 months period after quiting !! In the long run I added years in my life and I am happy for it!After 6 months of quiting there is a period of questioning but it passes …. Good Luck in your new adventures!!There is only one life given to each of us, and it ours to live it!

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