Post 288 The Path in the Woods

In the R.U.O.W. books there is a little story that starts like this.. “ Reference: Book #1- Right use of Will – “Healing and evolving the Emotional Body” – page 76-78

>>>A denial Spirit would lie down on a path through the woods. Along would come a running, hopping, skipping jumping Spirit. The denial Spirit would jump up and scream, “How can you come jumping right through the place where I am lying?” The other Spirit would say, “I’m sorry; I did not know you were lying there.” The denial Spirit would say, “Sorry isn’t good enough; you might have stepped on me."<<<

There’s more dialogue intertwined with the rest of the story, and the whole story is too long to post here. Why I mention this story is that while I had read it several times, the other day I felt and understood the significance of it in a way that I had never experienced before… While I knew it was a story, a parable using symbology to convey its message, it now took on a new meaning.

I got this insight thanks to a different topic and question posed to me by another person in a tribe that I’m in and while I wasn’t activated by what she said, I was left wondering as to why…. if she is on the same path using the same R.U.O.W. material….. and then I got it… She is and she isn’t.. as it was then that I flashed back to the story of the path in the woods.

There’s an old saying that also applies here and I’m sure it’s universal… “You can’t see the forest for the trees” or, as the slightly changed version my guides gave me… “You can’t see the tree for the forest”….

Woods = Forest > Spirits in denial and/or denial Spirits
Woods = Tree > A Spirit in denial and/or a denial Spirit
Path = Personal Journey through the forest.
Denial Spirit on your path > A Spirit that has come to stop you, to get you to deny yourself, as your denials are its nourishment. If you have no denials and are not activated, there is no problem.

Denial Spirits and/or Love Spirits in denial will use anything they can to get you to deny yourself in their favor.. They will use guilt, shame, rules, conditions, responsibility, morals, manners, courtesy, compassion, understanding….. and the list goes on..

In the story, the denial Spirit was laying “on” the path, it wasn’t “following” or “moving along” the path…. and that is a key point to this parable and my insight.

What I got from that is that while some people may be working with the same material, (being on the same path) the big difference is whether they are “moving” with it, or if they just have the "static" “knowledge” of it. With knowledge, they can "talk the talk" but they remain in one spot, either unable or afraid to try it out, to "apply" their "knowledge" to real life situations and gain "experience" and to move with it down the path to other experiences, in other words…. to "Walk their talk."

The good thing about having this denial Spirit and/or a Love Spirit in denial on your path is that it’s not a stumbling block…. but a stepping stone. Not that you have to step on the denial Spirit or the Love Spirit in denial, but that it enables you to see where you still have denials and issues, and by ending your denials…. you clear your path.


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