Post 291 Synchronicity – Consciousness and Abundance

’08 May 02 11:31 am I received an email question regarding consciousness and in my reply I stated that consciousness is energy and that everything that is created is made of energy and that energy and matter are also inter-changeable and so consciousness exists in both energy and matter…

Later on, I was involved in a thread on Tribes where I was talking about when a Will polarity person feels things that are “negative”… and how that doesn’t mean that they are negative… but that what they are feeling is negative and unpleasant… and that contrary to popular opinion, it’s not a simple matter of the person that is feeling this “negative” energy to just change their mind and think of something “positive” that they would like to experience as long as they have these thoughts, feelings and memories of having experienced something that was unloving and unpleasant and that they couldn’t change in the moment it was happening to them..

As I wrote that I had an insight that combined my pervious e-mail question and this post… Thoughts and feelings are energy… and I realized that some of the limiting things that I’ve been thinking and feeling are not (MY) thoughts and feeling but that they belonged to “Spirit” polarity people that were denying their feelings and emotions… I inadvertently and ignorantly took them on as being mine as it was me that was feeling them…. While the Spirit polarity people were busy being “positive” and denying their feelings, I was being deemed “negative” because I was feeling and expressing what they didn’t want to feel.

There’s a term in R.U.O.W. that everything will be put in its right place… and I can see and feel that this is part of it… So now I need to meditate on removing from me… all the “negative” things that belong to the Spirit polarity people, who so graciously denied them by acting “positive” and making me believe that I was wrong for feeling and expressing the “negative” things I was feeling when in fact…. what I was feeling was their unloving negativity and denials….

As I see it now, it’s these old “negative” imprints, programs and beliefs that I took on as mine, that helped form my present limited reality and now, to change my reality. I have to let go of the energy that is keeping me from experiencing the reality I desire, but before I could do that…. I have to know what I’m really dealing with.

An analogy would be that you can’t free yourself and let go of the shark that has a hold of your leg unless you know it’s a shark that has his jaws on your leg. In other words, you have to know the, who, what, when where, why and how… before you can change it… and that all comes with a shift in conscious awareness… Once I free myself of that “negative” (Spirit Polarity) energy (that shark on my leg) I’ll no longer be limited as that energy will have moved to its right place…

1:00 pm I just felt and realized how all these thoughts, ideas and feelings that I took in and on me have almost buried me alive. I flashed to my post on the iceberg being sunk and just the very tip of it was visible…

PS: I never realized this before, but I’ve seen this at work with other people and even animals when they come in contact with someone that looks healthy and acts happy and cheerful, but some people or animals around them suddenly become depressed, ill, or even begin to be hostile.

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