Post 294 Basic Necessities – Lost hopes, dreams and desires

’08 may 09 4:21 am I feel that the trick in dealing with the old imprints, programs and beliefs is that we falsely believe we want or need things based on what we had and a fear of lack, that if we don’t have this or that, then we wouldn’t be able to do this or that. We’re not in the moment and we either have attachments to the past or expectations and projection into the future. Much like when we are activated by things people say or do that push our buttons. We re-act instead to the situation instead of responding and that’s the same thing we do when it comes to abundance.

What I need to do is to find not only my triggers, my imprints, programs and beliefs but also all the lost and denied emotions associated with them, and my fragments. Everything that is keeping me locked in and not able to manifest what I desire in the moment.

Lost hopes, dreams and desires are coming up. All the hopes and dreams that were dashed and never fulfilled. That try as you might, life time and life time; it always ended in failure and death. Sure there were short lived portions of the dreams that were manifested, but eventually, it all crumbled. And NO! That’s not life!

So if it’s lost hopes, dreams and desires, it has to do with past life issues. And if that’s the case, then there's also a link to our experiences in this life time. And… since there are past life issues, there also have to be links back to original cause. So now the question is, “what’s the link, the key?” 4:33 am

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