Post 297 Matter – Energy and manifesting

’08 May 10 1:pm A flaw in our thinking is that we have to “do” or “make” something that we want or desire or that we have to make money as a form of exchange or “trade” to get what others have made that we want.

This thought came to me as I went to get a cookie and a can of root beer for a “healthy” snack. I made the oatmeal, raisin, walnut cookies and so to have, and to be able to eat a cookie I first had to get the physical ingredients, mix them and then cook them to now be able to enjoy it.

All the materials in a cookie (matter) is a form of energy in the same way that my thoughts on making cookies are a form of energy. So the problem as I see it is… when and why did we come to believe that we had turn energy into matter… My thoughts into physical labor to do the physical work to then transform matter (raw material – energy) using another form of energy (electric heat) from the stove to create a different form of matter that we can eat, which our body turns back into energy so that we can have physical existence (thinking and moving) to enable us to repeat this cycle over and over.

It’s nuts! We’ve lost something? We’ve lost the ability to manifest what we want, when we need it without having to exchange or manipulate matter or energy to eventually create energy to live as a physical being. This is screwed!

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