Post 299 Civilization – creating a power base by controlling nature and Mankind

’08 May 13 Last night there was a TV program on the Discovery channel about how archeologists have discovered different cultures all over the world that date back to tens of thousands of years. They also stated that when the land was stripped of it natural recourses by the roaming tribes, that it appears that they changed from being nomads to being farmers and herders. Instead of constantly traveling and foraging for food, they settled down and began to grow plants and confine animals for food.

While this provided them with food, shelter and clothing, it really didn’t provide any growth in other areas as they were too busy tending to their survival. However this social order and structure changed when man started go use animals as beasts of burned and to also enslave other men to do the manual labor of tending to the basics of necessity, leaving the controllers, the power and luxury to explore other things. This was the beginning of what was to become known as the dawn of civilization or as I see it, the dawn of the enslavement of mankind.

While that TV program scenario took us to the beginnings of the present civilized world and the creation of the haves and the have-nots and the issues of abundance, it didn’t address anything beyond our present civilization, to Atlantis and beyond that to Lumeria and beyond that to Pangea (the land of Pan). Nor did it address the issue of why we have to kill and eat things in the first place.

I know that in the R.U.O.W. book #1 Right Use of Will Page 61 it states how Pan was like a fairy tale world when it first appeared on Earth and that manifesting was simply a matter of desire and intent and that there was no killing or death. (Page 74) However, that was all to change after the war in the Heavens, with the arrival of the dark wizard, Lucifer, and his denial Spirits. With his arrival came fighting, killing, death and the eating of other essences. As time went by, because of the denials present, death was also used to break off from the experience and essence that was undesired and then to reincarnate in an attempt to reclaim the lost essence.

I don’t know where this is all going but I feel that each piece is a piece of the puzzle and that eventually, it will all make sense.


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