Post 300 Electro-Magnetic and Electro-Optic Technology

'08 May 15 I was thinking of technology and how its changed. I was thinking specifically about audio and sound. What I’m trying to say is that while it’s still sound, the ways and means of producing it have shifted.. and I’m just talking about the mechanical components. When the first audio devices came out by Edison back in the late 1800’s early 1900’s mechanically produced groves on a cylinder created by a stylus that vibrated according to the sound that was making it vibrate. And to play it, basically the reverse process took place.

Later, the invention of the electronic vacuum tube created the ability of increasing the volume of the sound ort vibration by changing the sound into an electrical current that was then used to amplify the signal that could also be controlled. The amplified signal was then used to drive a coil that moved a magnet that was attached to a speaker cone that then produced sound. The recordings were still grooves cut in vinyl but instead of cylinders, it was no on a flat circular records that rotated at either, 78, 45 or 33 rpm.

From there it went to magnetic tapes, first there was the reel to reel, then to 8-track in the late 50’s and then cassettes in the late 60’s. All these devices used mechanical and electro-magnetic energy to record and play sound.

The switch from this lower mechanical vibration and electro-magnetic frequency to the electro-optical (light frequency) laser technology came with the introduction of the CD and then the DVD and now even newer technologies are being introduced. These “new” technologies are using light to replace magnetic energy…. With this new technology, you will also notice that they are not “adding” to what was, but are replacing what was, so that now, only the new sophisticated electronic devices will record and play audio.

Before the switch to this electro-optical technology, one could play and record any of the previous electro-magnetic recordings on the new equipment. Manufactures at that time incorporated the old features with the new and it wasn’t rocket science to record or play your own recording or to copy and edit them.

A similar path has been taken by the photo, film and video industry so that now, it too is being controlled by the electro-optical (light frequency) laser technology that only a few, using specialized computers and software technology have the ability to use and to understand. And like the old audio equipment, the old photos, and magnetic video tapes have been made obsolete in the process. Now it’s all about change and consume, buy, buy, buy, good, better, best; and what of the old? Why that’s junk, garbage, throw it away.

The reason I thought of this is because it relates to our being. We are a Spiritual being having a physical existence, and we have a Soul, our Will that represents our feminine (negative polarity) aspect (intuition, feelings and emotions) and she is magnetic in nature, as well as the lower frequencies of sound. We also have a Spirit, that represents our masculine (positive polarity) aspect (Mind, thoughts, ideas) and it is electric in nature as well as the higher frequencies of Light. If you think about it, this shift from electro-magnetic to electro-optical also represents our continued denial of the feminine aspect of our being, our feelings and emotions and more acceptance for our Spirit (positive polarity).. And that is NOT balance, or love.

Things that make you go Hummm?

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