Post 302 More on Audio and Optical

‘08 May 23 5:27 am I woke up realizing that I just made the connection as to why I was thinking of audio and video equipment (Post 300) and their different frequencies, and also of Spirit and Soul.

Spirit is Mind and Light and is thereby associated with the eyes and the input the Mind receives by sight. The phrase of “seeing is believing” is a Spirit term used to describe how Mind sees truth. It has to be blatantly obvious to Spirit that relies on sight alone, to see when someone is lying or not, or if there is any threat or danger present.

But when we use our ears (sound and the lower frequencies or vibrations) that are associated with the Soul, (the Will) we can pick up on the volume, tone and the inflection in their voice as to whether or not they are lying or are posing a threat.

And… if we go one step further, if we tune into the magnetic qualities of the Soul, to our intuition and feeling centre, we can “feel” the other person, place or thing without even seeing or hearing them. We intuitively know what their intent is, simply by how it “feels” to our Will.

Hummm. I’m smiling as I’m typing this… Of course…How can those “Spirit polarity and Denial Spirit beings” presently in control of the masses, maintain control if they allow people to express their Soul, their Will, (their true feelings and intuition) that can smell bullshit and a threat a mile away, but that can fool the eyes and the Mind with relative ease. They would like all us “feeling” people to be like the three monkeys… and be oblivious to what they are doing.

I’m in constant awe as to how these seeming unrelated topics all seem to be a part of the puzzle and I like it when I get another piece of the puzzle…… Saying that, I also know there is still more to this…



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