Post 303 Insights on Rage

For the past few weeks, I’ve been involved in a couple of discussions on Tribes RUoW group. One discussion thread was “repost of the touchy subjects thread for all to care to look back or continue with discussion” and the other was “Rage” It was the first topic, that touched off a series of activations and denied rage attacks. For me, it was interesting as I could see it all unfolding and I could also relate it to my healing experiences, except that in this case, there was no healing taking place, only Spirit’s (mind) denials and denied rage attacking others and Will’s (feelings) denials and her denied rage attacking internally.

I’d been sharing my personal experiences and insights for years and whenever I did, I was always met with either they didn’t like the messenger (me)… or the message I was sharing, or the way in which I presented the message….. and that was because they were already activated and re-acting to their imprints programs and beliefs that saw me as the problem…. I posted what I felt I needed to, even though there was all this denied rage flying around…. and while some of it was directed at me, I wasn’t activated by any of it.

Yesterday I felt a shift in the group and as I finished posting a reply to a comment on one of my previous posts and I had another insight (for lack of a better word)… I felt that I was seeing a butterfly beginning to emerge from its chrysalis, getting ready for the next stage of its life… It was like I was a witness to a miracle, a “new life” form… I also felt that it was time for me to pull back from the group and to let them sort out their healing process for themselves, that I felt was now about to emerge.


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