Post 305 The Inner Critic and Lucifer

’08 May 29 10:21 am while I was editing the chapter in my book on “clearing your astral plane” I came to the part of the inner critic and I felt that this inner critic was actually the unloving and reversed polarity light of Lucifer and rage, that wants to be in control of our Mind, Will and Body and also of everyone and anything that it comes in contact with.

This light is not only already in us by way of our imprints that were in place before we were born but it’s also shoved into us as children when we were mentally, emotionally and physically controlled, abused and attacked and where we had no choice but to take it in, to accept this unloving energy into our being. This doesn’t have to be a blatantly evil act, all that is needed is the overpowering of another, even with the use of so-called acts of love, or doing what is best for another.

In accepting that unloving energy into us, it takes over that part of our essence that we denied expressing, that now feels it isn’t worthy or good enough or whatever this reversed polarity light tells our Mind. Whatever the original external voices were saying that was controlling us is now what the inner critic uses in order that we control and continue to deny expressing our selves…

It’s our present life experiences when we are young that sets up these programs and beliefs, and it was further engrained and embedded in our subconscious every time we were confronted with a similar experience where we continue to deny our true expression and instead listened to the voice of this unloving inner critic, of Lucifer and denied rage. This unloving energy is imprinted into our very essence, our DNA, that we then consider as instinct, normal or natural, a way of life, or just the down side of being human.

How this relates to clearing your astral plane is that you need to become aware of what is you and what is not you… The inner critic is not you, unless of course, you are of unloving light essence and then you and your critic are on the same side and there is no inner conflict.


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