Post 307 Dream Dark Ages battle – Then and Now?

‘08 May 31 12:47 am I had a dream where there was a medieval battle going on with bows and arrows and swords. I was on a hillside, overlooking a small town in which the battle was taking place and our side was loosing. To my right there was a small pond in front of the thatch roofed house that we had been living in.

I was watching the battle from under a large pine tree and could see and hear those trying to escape the battle, fleeing for their lives. A couple of young men made their way up the hill towards me and one of them asked if I could see a cut or wound on their leg. I looked but I couldn’t see anything. Then a tall man that I was with came over and had a look but he couldn’t see anything either, and with that the two took off.

I looked back to the battle and could see more people fleeing and running our way along with the victors that were trying to hunt them down. I asked the tall man what do we do now and he said, “Nothing we wait until they take what they want and we can have what’s left.”

At that, I shouted, “My computer,” and I dashed back into the house to get my laptop and that was when I woke up, wondering where I was going to hide it.


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