Post 308 Fear and fragmentation.

’08 June 09 11:11 am The part of you that is presently afraid of something is not the part of you that really needs to be healed, yet it is the only part of you that can heal what needs to be healed, let me explain.

Say that as a child, you fell off a dock and into the water. You didn’t know how to swim and you were submerged under water, gulping water, not air as you panicked and feared for you life. It didn’t matter that the water was only waist deep, none of that lessened your traumatic experience as you struggled for air and finally realized you could stand up. You made your way to shore and up the bank, still gasping for air. As you made your way to safety, you were being imprinted and programmed to fear water and docks, but that’s not all that’s happening, you were also fragmenting. By that I mean that the part of you that was traumatized, was cut off from the rest of you that did what it felt it needed to do in order to survive, which was to deny the confusion, doubt, disbelief, shock and the the emotions that were being felt.

You never told your parents or anyone for fear of getting into trouble and you denied the experience so fully that now as an adult, you have no recollection of the ordinal experience or why you have this morbid fear of water. All that you know is that all your life you have avoided situations that involved being on or in the water and especially being on a dock.

Now say that today, you have an opportunity to go boating but as you walk down to the dock and see the water, you’re immediately seized by a panic attack. Now the present dock and water are not life threatening as you haven’t even stepped onto the dock and are no way near the water, but this experience is activating your old imprints and programs that are buried in your sub-conscious, when you fragmented during the original traumatic experience.

What needs to be healed, is not the present you that is afraid of the water… but the fragmented part of you that you lost (fragmented) in the original experience. Once the you that is presently afraid can bring that lost fragmented part of you back inside yourself, you will also release the old imprints and programs and your fear of water. To do that, the present you needs allow the part of you that was fragmented, to express all the emotions that were denied and never expressed during the original experience.


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