Post 309 Thrill Seekers and Excitement

’08 June 13 7:15 am I woke up thinking of thrill seekers, the adrenaline junkies that get a thrill out of facing possible injury or death. I was feeling that this excitement is also related to the survival chakra and the fact that they have little or no Will presence (feelings and emotions) and so they have to use their body and push it to the point where the Will, feeling the body’s fear of injury or death, is thrown into panic and it kicks into its survival mode of fight or flight. The body releases adrenaline and there’s an instant “rush” and a twisted sense of excitement, that isn’t really excitement over a life experience, but the desperate panic and terror that life is going to be lost. So in effect, this thrill seeking adrenaline junkie is really seeking death and any experience or act that stirs the Will into it’s survival mode, excites them and makes them feel something, in their otherwise emotionless world.

Another form of excitement form of adrenaline rush is in (for example) sports, where there’s the anticipation, the cunning, the preparation, the competition and then going for the kill, the victory. It’s the altered ego driven form of excitement that does what he or she has to do, to win, to get the trophy and to be in the spot light, to have attention drawn to them and to be the focus and the admiration of others, who envy their success, status, money and power.

But these are not like the adrenaline junkies who push themselves to face death to get a high, these ones need the to feel the rush and glory of success and winning to feel excited and alive. They also feed off the energy of others, the ones they defeated, and also off their fans. If there was no competition, no challenge, no witnesses, no prize to prove that they were the winner or successful they would feel lost, empty, and not excited. They also wouldn’t be able to feed off others desire, envy and self-hatred that they get from the losers and from their fans that can’t do what they can. Ahhh! So this persons excitement is not only feeding off the glory of victory, but also off the defeat of others and their self-hatred.

Then there are also those that collect or obtaining things, or people, as trophies that brings them status, power and excitement. It’s another form of winning, of having the “toys” and where the phase, “he who has the most toys wins,” comes to mind. Without their “toys” their “possession” there’s no joy or excitement in their life.

Wow! This just goes on and on, as I just got how people get excited by helping or giving to other people, who become excited at being helped or getting a gift. So these helping, giving, caring people are actually living vicariously through others, and are also feeding off others in a twisted way that calls itself love.


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