Post 315 Fear is useful

’08 July 08 10:30 pm I watched part of the movie “Troy” on TV last night and a comment was made that caught my attention. The comment was that “Fear is Useful.” In the context of the dialogue, it mean that knowing another persons fear was a way of controlling him or knowing how to defeat him as his fear would be seen as a weakness that could be used against him.

Another way of looking at “fear is useful” is to use it as a doorway to show you where you have denied issues, and either limited or lost essence. Once you have healed your issues, you will no longer have fears and you will be fearless. So fear is useful in helping you become fearless.

One point-of-view is about using ones fear to control and over-power others, and the other is about using ones fear to end self-control and denial and to empower yourself, to find those lost parts of you that you abandoned……. that you have been afraid to face.


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