Post 317 Reversals on manifesting

’08 July 17 There’s a tricky part in manifesting what we desire in that it’s not what we say we want that’s important, it’s what we don’t say and don’t want, (what’s being held in denial) that is really important as that’s what’s keeping us from manifesting what we desire. Another thing is expectation, that of wanting something pleasurable that relates to past experiences, or not wanting something that was not pleasurable that also relates to the past experience. Expectations projected into the future based on re-living a past moment to which we have an attachment, or based on denials. No wonder it doesn’t work!

Wow! It feels almost impossible to manifest what you desire with all the unseen roles of denial and expectations that are being played out to work against you. Until we address all the issues that we are denying, nothing iws going to manifest in eth way that we want it, or if it does, it wouldn’t last long.

Release your expectations!
Take a risk!
Expect the unexpected!


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