Post 326 Manifesting our desires (1)

’08 Aug 02 11:37 pm I was thinking that if I could dream or imagine what I desire that maybe I could manifested and experience it, but as soon as I think of something, I recognize that there’s and expectation, on wanting something that’s based on my old imprints, programs and beliefs. What present thought doesn’t have a link to the past?

How do we wipe out all our conscious thoughts of what we experienced that imprinted and programmed us so that we can have new, fresh thoughts and ideas and desires without any link to the past imprints?

Or… maybe another point-of-view is, why try to get rid of the past as that’s also denial and non–acceptance of what is. I feel that there’s a link here with the healing experiences I’ve had, it’s just that I can’t put my finger on it at this moment.

I’m now thinking of false beliefs and false emotions, they’re imprinted and I didn’t have to change or deny them but to see them for what they were and then choose to end my denials and being controlled by them.

Ahhh! Now I feel I’m getting somewhere. See them for what they are and choose not to be controlled by them, to now choose another experience, other than the experiences I’ve been having that are based on these old imprints, programs and beliefs. It’s close, but something is missing. I’m going to have to think and feel on this topic some more.

The tricky part is going to be, to not merely be in denial of the old imprints, programs and beliefs and to do it anyway, falsely thinking that you’ve seen the imprints for what they are and have just choosen not to be controlled by them.

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