Post 327 Manifesting our desires (2)

’08 Aug 03 8:08 am Desire and excitement are also linked to intent and the hard part in this is that it all may seem fine and dandy on a mental level, but now applying it to the physical plane and having to deal with all the mechanics of it in physical matter is quite another thing.

Hummm? An old imprint is that I have to work, make, construct to have what I desire. I have to use something to make something else. That’s not the type of manifesting that I’m talking about as that is old world mentality. What I’m taking about is manifesting, creating something with merely our thoughts. Thoughts are energy and physical matter is also a form of energy and the two are inter-changeable so instead of going through all the old ways of having an idea and then buying the materials and working and laboring to build it, we just think…. and it materialized as we desired it to be.

I have two friends that have manifested things once. The first was a hot cup of take out coffee and the other was a cold can of pop. When asked how they did it, all they could say was that it was what they wanted in that moment and it was just suddenly “there” in front of them. Neither one has since been able to duplicate the experience they had.

I feel that this topic of manifesting what we desire is like trying to get out of a large castle, where you are in a room and there are two doors. You open one door and it leads into another room with two or more doors. Each time you open a door, it leads to another room with two or more doors and sometimes it leads back to a room that you were already in, except now, one of the other doors is locked. Grrrrrrrr.


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