Post 328 Religious beliefs and Rhetoric

’08 Aug 04 2:34 am There’s a fundamental flaw in religious beliefs and those that believe that we can pray to God in our times of trouble or that we can ask that our guides or angels assist and protect us. Firstly what kind of a twisted and unconditional loving God would make you want to suffer just so that you will have to ask him to lift you out of your suffering or undesirable element and likewise for angel and guides.

If angels and guides could help you by doing it for you, then why can they only help you when you are in trouble? Instead, why don’t they help you get what you want and keep it so that you are always happy and don’t need to call on them to help you out? This twisted mentality and religious beliefs doesn’t equate to an unconditionally loving God or to unconditionally loving guides and angels that religions profess them to be.

Religious beliefs also decree that we need to sacrifice and endure so as to be worthy in God’s eyes and in the presence of his wondrous unconditional Love. Again if that were the truth and not just some more religious rhetoric blowing smoke in your ear and fogging your mind, you would question just how unconditional loving God could be if he put those “conditions” on granting you his “unconditional” love. It’s a no brainier, but only if you still have a mind clear enough to see through the religious rhetoric and hypocrisy that’s all about controlling the masses and not about empowering them.

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