Post 330 Conscious Awareness

‘08 Aug 04 3:26 am This downward slide in consciousness didn’t just happen all of a sudden, it’s been going down hill for all time. I just chuckled as I realized that most people that say they are waking up, haven’t a clue and are in reality, just losing more of their consciousness. Take for instance, the awareness of the environmentalists, dealing with issues of global warming and pollution, and the W.H.O. with world poverty, and all the other “worthy” groups that have conscious awareness of all the things that are wrong in the world, that and not only affecting humanity, but all things including the Earth itself to suffer at the hands of unlovingness and injustice. All these groups are not looking at the real problem, but rather the symptoms, as they believe that we need to work at eradicating the problems, by throwing more money at these problems and issues and that money will solve the problem.

Spend money to help clean the air
Spend money to clean up our lakes, rivers and the oceans
Spend money to build cleaner cars and trucks.
Spend money on reducing household wastes.
Spend money to find a cure for cancer and other illnesses.
Spend, spend, spend. There is no limit or end to spending.

This type of mentality isn’t about awaking our consciousness, it’s simply “buying” into more of the BS media propaganda that is being forced upon us by those in a position of power that we have given them. There has been more misinformation and disinformation handed out in the past 50 years, than in all our current history combined, and instead of becoming enlightened and expanding our consciousness, society is moving into the dark ages. These groups think they are fighting to change the system but all they are doing is throwing money at the symptoms. What we need to do is to get rid of the social systems that created it in the first place and to do that, we need a change in mass consciousness, an awakening.

The world is in crisis and a prime one is the economic crisis, countries (meaning people) are in debt over their heads, constantly borrowing money to pay for these imaginary solutions. There’s no end to this madness, and it wouldn’t change until people really wake up and shake the tangled cobwebs and the fog from their minds to see the illusion that they have been calling reality and the duality of our existence that is slowly taking them down in a death spiral that is getting smaller and more compressed as personal freedoms become more controlled and limited. Down into this black hole of death that will compress existing consciousness to the point that it can’t move and will become unconscious and eventually, all life will be sucked out and it will die. I don’t mean death on a physical level as we have come to know it, I mean on a spiritual level as one ceases to exist.

While I share this one point-of-view, I also know that all this is needed and a necessary experience in order to the necessary changes to take place. Like I mention in another of my posts, the old world will collapse on its own (which it is doing now) as the denials that are empowering those in a position of power, cease and people begin to take their personal power back to create a new world.


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