Post 331 Old World Social Systems

‘08 Aug 04 4:01 am So between our various religious beliefs and social systems with all their rules and regulations, customs and traditions, we have effectively put our minds in a box and all that we can see are the six sides that make up our reality. In actually, there are many more sides to the box and I will list a few.

1) Religion
2) Governments
3) Banks and money
4) Education
5) Media
6) Customs and traditions
7) Energy systems
8) Military
9) Police, civilian Laws and courts
10)Business and industry
11)Health care
12 Transportation
13 Food and natural recourses,
14 Recreation

All these “systems” are what we believe create our reality with each having authority and power over us. We’ve given so much of our power away that we now feel powerless and unable to change the system.

It’s not about changing the system, it’s about getting off the system and I’m not talking getting off of the grid, but literally unplugging ourselves from the matrix and wakening up, like Leo did in the movie, the Matrix, and changing yourself, what you believe is the truth. If what we presently have is the opposite of what we desire and this reality is based in denial, then it makes sense that if we desire the opposite, then we need to end our personal denials. The system can’t and wouldn’t change no matter how hard we try. We need to change ourselves on the inside before we can have that change reflected and experienced on the outside.


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