Post 334 Further insights on Point-of-view

’08 Aug 11 4:56 am Expanding your consciousness and point-of-view is not about having to give up your point-of-view or what you know in favor of another’s point-of-view, but in adding to what you already know. It’s like comparing two people where one person has lived in the same town all their life and has traveled no more that 50 miles (80 km) from their home. The other person has traveled all over the world. When it comes to point-of-views, the person that has traveled the world will have awareness of other people and other cultures as well as different geography, plants and animals.

As I was writing this, I had one perspective of an expanded point-of-view and consciousness, but now I’m also seeing another point-of-view in that the person that hasn’t traveled will also have an expanded point of view as he will have specific information, knowledge and knowing of his area and the people, plants and animals in it, as he will have been close contact with them over an extended period of time. He is also more in tune with each person, plant, animal, weather, cycles and the lay of the land.

So what our expanded consciousness or point-of-view is, has really got to do with how open he or she is to experience and to add to their experiences by their interactions with their surroundings.

Another thing that defines a person as having an expanded awareness and point-of-view is not what they have individually experienced, but also in their ability to let go what is no longer real and valid, but an artificial construct of mass and individual consciousness, that is to say, their imprints, programs and beliefs, that no longer serve their personal truth. It’s not that all their beliefs or experiences are bad, but it’s the closing oneself off to any other point-of-view that is damaging, as that is when you are limiting yourself and your experiences.

Ahhh! So if the person in the village refuses to go beyond the 50 mile (80 km) limit that he had explored or if the person that have been around the world refuses to be isolated in a small town and area, both these people are limiting their point-of-view. So it’s also not about what you are open and willing to explore, but what you are not open or willing to explore (denial) that also limits your point-of-view and your consciousness.


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