Post 335 Feeling Dizzy (2)

’08 Aug 14 For the past week I’ve been feeling dizzy when I get up or even when I lay down. It’s a weird feeling of being off balance, but not like when you have an ear infection, as with this it hits you suddenly and you feel like you just got off a long midway ride and are going to fall over at any time. I could be fine one moment and then wham, the next moment I’m hugging a wall. It’s not just when I’m standing or walking that I’m affected, as I could be laying down and feeling fine, but when I roll over and my head starts swimming.

At first it was only the dizziness, but as time went on, I’m also experiencing aches and pains in my muscles, bones and joints, or other times, the feeling of exhaustion throughout my entire body. These also come and go, sometimes within a matter of minutes.

Although there are periods when I am OK and can function without feeling this dizziness, it’s always present to some degree and at times it feels like I’m caught in some brain fog so working on my book or doing anything mental that is new or needs concentration is also an issue. I have also had to curtail my exercise program, walks/runs and bike ride, as I don’t feel or have the energy to do it. I also don’t drive as I don’t’ feel safe doing so. At times it feels like my body is changing on the inside and that my mind is being re-wired.


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