Post 336 Self-Publishing Trials and tribulations

’08 Aug 15 It’s one thing to write content for a book, it’s quite another thing to get it self-published. It’s a lot like building a website as you need to have knowledge about how things operate and then learn how to use them to make it all come together. So now I’m learning all the in’s and out’s of being a self-publisher.

For the past few of days (weeks) I have been struggling with MS Word as the key to an e-Book or a printed book (and I’m doing both) is in the formatting and creating a template or rather templates as the e-Book will have one template and the printed book will have another. I also have to figure out styles and formatting, different fonts, font sizes, headers and footers, page breaks, page numbering, table of contents, headings, sub-headings, external link, links within a document, pictures, etc. and then, work all this in to see what it will look like in an electronic PDF format and then also fitting it into the parameters that a POD publisher needs in order to print a book.

I can’t do both the e-book and printed book at the same time so for now I’m concentrating on the e-Book but that is also taking me into having to look into ISBN numbers and all the stuff that is associated with that. While a ISBN is not really necessary for an e-book, it is for a printed book that is available to the public and because I’m doing both. I need to also have it mentioned in the e-book as the two are related. I’ve also looked around for other POD (Print On Demand) publishers and have basically narrowed it down to two, Lulu and CreateSpace


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