Post 338 Bent Intent

‘08 Aug 18 This topic ties in with some of my pervious posts. Trying to change the existing system, to make a difference, to help conserve, are some of the many forms of bent intent. I say bent intent because while you may think that you are changing yourself, you are in actuality trying to change another and to be in control of their actions. It’s simply the other end of the denial teeter-totter

Saving the rain forests, whales, or whatever is not, repeat NOT addressing the underlying issue of why they are in danger in the first place. Clear cut logging, killing whales doesn’t change the mentality of the people that are doing it, If you do manage to stop them they will just transform and they will find another form that they can exploit and another group will form to try to stop them.

Maybe a better example would be a neighborhood committee that is set up to get rid of a local drug problem. They unite and work hard to remove this unwanted element from their community and finally, the pushers and dealers get the message that they are not wanted and they leave. Sure, the problem seems to have been solved, but all that has really happened is that the dealers and pushers have just moved to a different area to set up shop and all the addicts will be following them, and now, someone else will have to deal with the problem.

It’s a never ending cycle and battle for control and while it appears to be on the side of good, if you look at it closely, you see that it’s bent intent. It’s using the old system to try to change the system and that doesn’t and never will work.

Another version of bent intent is when you are being activated by a present experience; say one of feeling rejected, abandoned and alone. You think that if you just talk to the person that is rejecting you and threatening to abandon you and can get them to understand you, or to reach some form of compromise, that you will not feel abandoned and alone and will have heal your issues. Your mind is in a fog as it is looking for a quick fix short term solution to your unresolved issues.

In reality, the only reason that you are being activated in the first place is because you have unresolved issues of being abandoned and rejected that you haven’t healed that predates the present relationship. So while your intent is focused on the healing the present situation (the outer reflection) you missed the real issue because of your bent intent. The real intent needs to focus on healing the inner and outer child that your mind is unaware of, those parts of you that are feeling abandoned by you and are alone and are in part, creating this outer reflection to remind you of what really needs to be healed. This outer reflection is merely a “tool” to be used to reach and heal these lost parts of you.


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