Post 344 R.U.O.W and thought forms and Death

’08 Aug 30 3:50 am Although I’m just becoming aware of these thought form attachments and thought forms and how huge this really is, it really hasn’t sunk in. I think that I’m in shock at the realization and just how big and powerful it is, yet has gone unnoticed it is as it silently drifts from one person to the next, like neuron transmitters in the brain, transferring information and controlling us at the same time. Keeping us is a state of suspended animation, asleep, slumbering, and we call this dream like state life when in reality it’s just the opposite. This life is a dream, in that we as humanity are not living to our true potential but are rather living according to these subliminal thought forms that have so imprinted and programmed us that we believe them to be real and a normal part of living and life as they have been here for what seems like eternity.

This goes way back, and I don’t mean to our present recorded history, I mean back to Atlantis, Lumeria, and all the way back to Pan. Hummm? Back to Pan, Pangaea, back to the father warriors that said they were here to protect us and then, after the war in the Heavens, with the arrival of Lucifer (the Dark Wizard) and his band of denial Spirits, the fallen Angels. Since then, we, as humanity have been slowly losing not only our consciousness, but our powers because these subliminal thought forms of energy have attached themselves and have imprinted us into this unseen role of denial that has been playing out in our reality ever since.

R.U.O.W Book1 “Right Use of Will” Page 70 where the father Warriors invade earth to offer protection and then on page 74 where Lucifer, (the dark Wizard) brings death and the killing and eating of each other.

’08 Aug 30 4:02 am I just though that having to eat to live is another mass conscious belief and thought form that we all have in common, that we have to kill animals and plants in order to be able to live. In R.U.O.W this eating others goes back to Pan with Lucifer and his band of gangles (gang angels) where he convinced the original Spirits that never killed or ate another, that eating another was normal in the universe where he had come from.

Survival of the fittest is another mass conscious thought form where only the strong survive. Hidden in that thought form is the belief that feelings and emotions are to be controlled and suppressed and as showing any sign of feelings or emotions is showing ones weakness, and therefore, one is not strong and will not thrive or survive.

Having to work is another mass conscious thought form and yet another is working for a cause, for the good of all. In other words, the individual is part of the collective consciousness, and it’s the collective consciousness that is important, while the individual is expendable. The hidden message is one of self-sacrifice for the common good and the soldiers battle cry in wars.

Conflict and war is yet another thought form created by our duality as any different point-of-view is seen as being wrong, and being wrong, it must be set right, and if the person doesn’t volunteer to change, then the only way to convince them is to overpower them physically, mentally and emotionally so that there is no conflict, but blind obedience, respect, loyalty, discipline and law and order. If we all follow the same rules and laws, then there will be no conflict, EXCEPT of course, those that are in a position of power can and do make EXCEPTIONS that involve them or their kind.


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