Post 349 Time, Space and Movement

Time and Space are attributes of the Will, the magnetic energy that opens space in order to manifest Form. With Space, there is also the element of Time that serves as a means with which to experience Form, to differentiate one moment from another for without time, there is no movement and no experience.

I’m not talking about time in the way we know it, as that is a mass conscious construct used to create an order and a standardization with which to compare and explain our experiences.

Time, as measured in years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds have no real meaning, except here on Earth. From space, one sees the earth beneath them and sees what would be considered 12 hours or ½ a rotation of the Earth all in one moment. Some people on Earth would either be just getting up, while others would be having their supper and getting ready for the evening. All would be experiencing different moments of time, yet from space, one sees it all as one moment. So in reality, time is relative to the subjective observer, the one having the experience.

The following is also related to Post 321. While the past can’t be changed, it effects can be transformed. The present that is being experienced is based on the imprints, programs, beliefs and thought forms of the past, and by healing and the recovering our lost essence and power of the past, that will subsequently change the present and our probable future. What was a probable reality that was based on the past blueprint, is now is new alternate reality based on a different blueprint. So while we may think that the past is directing our present and future, that is not a fixed universal law or reality. While the past can’t be uncreated, or changed, as in what was experienced, what we can change is our “imprinting” that resulted from that experience and that has been affecting our present and future experiences. Change our blueprint and we change our reality. I’ll have to look it up in my journals, but I’m sure I channeled a poem that had this very concept, maybe 10 years ago.

“In healing and integrating our "selves," we not only fulfill our personal path, but we also establish the ability to fulfill our destiny path.” JR



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