Post 350 Conflict on the path

’08 Sept 04 I went for a walk/run around 3:45 pm instead of my usual time of around 7:00 pm as the days are getting shorter, and it wouldn’t be long before I’d be running in the dark. Anyway I decided to walk up to see the house that Marian had put an offer in on and as I was walking on the sidewalk, three young boys around 12+ years of age were walking toward me, three abreast. I know that all the boys saw me and were aware of me but as we approached, no one was making any move to give me any room on the side walk. A couple of seconds before we would meet, the boys stopped talking and the boy in the middle moved behind the other boy to my left to make room for me to pass, but the third boy that was directly in my path was looking down, pretending he didn’t see me and I could see and feel the other boys being confused at his actions as they knew he knew I was there.

We were only a matter of couple of steps apart and I moved slightly to my left to go through the opening that the other boy had provide and at the same time, I clasped my hands and raised my elbows in a V formation. Just as the two boys passed by me too my left, my right forearm caught the third boy squarely in the chest with a dull thud, and he was knocked off balance and had to stagger to the grass to regain his balance. No one said a word to me but I heard them talking to themselves. When I turned, I saw them looking at me.

That was one experience, there’s more.. While on my way back from my walk (as I hurt my calf running) in the park two young boys, a boy about 12-14, a dog and the boys father were biking along the trail. The older boy had a child trailer on the back of his bike that he used to carry the little dog when it got tired. Anyway, they all passed me giving me a wide birth, except for the boy with the trailer, not only did he drive past me closer than the others, but because he was towing a trailer, the trailer brushed by me, nearly clipping my left leg. I yelled at the boy but he keep going down the path. A few moments later his father told him to put the dog in the trailer and he stopped to do so. As I caught up to him, I told him that he needs to give people walking more room if he is towing the trailer as he almost hit me. He said nothing.

I continued my walk and a few moments later I heard him coming up behind me, as I turned, he not only sped by me, but also cut in front of me and I had to side step to avoid being hit by the trailer. I was angry and I would have chased him down, except that I didn’t want to hurt my leg anymore than what it was. I shouted after him, but he just kept going trying to catch up to his father and the others that were far ahead.

Sure I could side-step the ones coming at me, but I know that their intent is to make me move and give way to them. If I deny confronting their unloving intent, I empower them by accept their unloving action. The ones that are blind-siding me, running into me from behind, there, I have no choice, as I don’t see them coming. It’s like they are all out to deliberately try to either hurt me, or get me to deny myself in favor of them. The thing that is also puzzling is that most of these kids are I’d say between 10 – 14 years old. So what is it? What am I missing?


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