Post 351 Dreams and point-of-view

’08 Sept 04, I was thinking of all the weird dreams I was having last night. I never wrote any down but in the last one, I was like a crime scene investigator and I was interviewing everyone that was in any way involved, to get their point-of-view so that I could put all the pieces together to know what really happened.

What I got from that dream is that I feel that I’m too close to what I’m dealing with and that I can’t see the forest for the trees. I have all these different pieces of the puzzle and I’m looking at them individually so I can’t see anything else. I feel I need to back off, not quit, but back away and look at all this from a different point-of-view where I’m not just looking at one thing, but many things at the same time, and maybe then I can get an overview of how they are all connected. Or….. maybe it’s just the opposite, that I can’t see the tree for the forest.. Ahhhhh! Grrrrrrr! If anyone has any suggestions. I’d be glad to hear what you are seeing and feeling that I’m missing…. Besides Patience :)


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