Post 352 Fear and Courage

The dictionary definitions of fear and courage:

Fear – Noun:
An emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to fight or flee)
Fear – Verb: Being afraid or feeling anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event.
Courage – Noun: A quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear, pain or grief. *

* My comment regarding courage is that this definition is denial based and is actually false courage and that it is also referred to as Spirit (mind) is another issue.

Society has been operating under the assumption that there are two basic methods of facing ones fears. One is to deny your fear and fight to over-come, or over-power the situation and your issue and the other is to run away from what you fear and deny your facing the situation and your issues. Neither of them are effective in resolving the issue or situation as both are based in denial and both are forms of re-acting to the situation instead of responding to it. As long as you are in denial of your fear, there is now way to release your fear, or heal the issue.

There is however a third option and that is to surrender to love (unconditional love) and to respond to your fear, to accept and embrace it, and in doing so, release your fear (it’s no longer being denied) and become fearless. Behind every fear or issue, there is a lost part of you, an inner or outer child that has been denied love, your love. By accepting your fear and responding with love, with unconditional love for yourself, those parts of you that are feeling lost and alone, afraid and in terror, that were being denied by you are now accepted and loved. To end denials of your fears, takes true courage, as that is something that you have never done before.

This option is by far the hardest to do as it takes courage. This courage is not defined as the macho man or feminist type false bravado that does what he or she needs to do to over-power another or a situation as that action is coming from a place of heartlessness. The courage I’m talking about is the courage to surrender to love (Heart) and to do what you have never done, and that is to love yourself unconditionally. Courage is to speak from the Heart as that’s where the balance between the Mind and the Will needs to take place. Actually, the word courage is derived from a French word “corage” containing the Latin root “cor” which means Heart. So to be courageous, means to respond from the heart (Love).

The reason that facing ones fears is so difficult is that there is confusion when we are told to respond with self-love, as our imprints, programs and beliefs say that we need to either protect ourselves, or that we need to give love, to get love. We’ve also been falsely told, and believe, that self-love is selfish, egotistical and unloving and is therefore unacceptable.

The magical thing that happens with the power of Unconditional love is that once you have embraced that part of you that is in fear, the emotional energy that has been trapped by denial, is now released, and when it’s released, that part of you that was living in fear and denial is also released. When self-denial ends, self-love is born, and that part of you that was trapped by denials and in fear is now free, and in becoming free, it becomes fearless. The experiences that once activated your old imprints, programs and beliefs, and triggered your auto-pilot fight of flight mode are no longer issues or things to be feared as that what you feared (the parts of you that you denied) have been accepted and loved.

Courage is risking the known, for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar, the comfortable for the uncomfortable; it’s the arduous journey to an unknown destination, not knowing what you will meet, or where your path will take you. Courage is not a question of bravery, it’s realizing that your fears are not natural and that there are unresolved issues and lost parts of you that needs to be healed.

There is a constant inner battle going on between the Mind and the Will and Heart balance is what has been lacking and is the balance that’s needed to end this conflict. It takes courage to do that. The inner battle ends when Heart presence is found and there is no longer an issue of power and control of either, the fear of losing power and control, or of being controlled and powerless. When Heart (Love) is present, there is acceptance, not denial, compassion not judgment, connection not attachment. There is true peace and freedom as the Mind and Will are in balance, in harmony. Love is the music and life is the dance between Mind (Spirit) and Will (Soul). Healing begins in the heart. Healing begins in the Heart.


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