Post 353 Different aspects of Consciousness

’08 Sept. 07 6:17 am Part of the dilemma we have in healing our ourselves, and in particular, our feelings and emotions is that various aspects of society has created confusion about our being, our human form. We use words interchangeably and definitions are vague, misleading and definitely confusing.

We have four separate aspects to our being (Mind, Will, Heart and Body) and each aspect has a separate and unique consciousness. While they are seperate4, they are also connected not only to each other, but to all that is. It's easy to generalize, overlook and deny that there are four aspects to our being, but when you really stop and begin to become aware of these parts, you realize that they are indeed not one and the same. The following is a brief example of these different aspects.

Spirit – Mind Consciousness: thoughts, ideas, logic, reason, knowledge, memory, problem solving, speech, writing, etc.

Soul – Will Consciousness:
Intuition, knowing, feelings and emotions, afraid, happy, heartbreak, abandoned, lost, alone, rejected, worried, stressed, anxious, angry, guilt, shame, etc. [/COLOR]

Heart consciousness:
love, compassion, connection, acceptance, unconditional, balance, freedom, peace, etc. [/COLOR]

Body Consciousness: hunger, thirst, hot, cold, pain, exhausted, sick, dizzy, itchy, etc, plus the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell

Once we become aware of the four parts of our physical being, we can also begin to understand the number of different voices that we're hearing and why there's this inner battle that seems to be constantly raging within us. When we allow ourselves to be open to this concept, we begin to see the separate parts of us that are all connected yet dependant on one another in order to live, yet presently, all are being controlled by our Mind, or rather our altered mind that is in denial, and being manipulated and controlled by the inner critic, denied rage, guilt and shame that are not a part of our being, but have attached themselves to us, and we to them.

When we're in denial, we have no acceptance for a part of our conscious being, that denial brings with it, a lack of Heart consciousness, that then negatively affects the other aspects of our being. Lack of Heart (Love) presence brings forth heartlessness. Heartlessness then impacts all the other aspects of our being with issues of hate, judgments, attachments, denial, conditions, rules, power and control, that are brought forth by the inner critic, denied rage, guilt and shame, that are not a part of our consciousness, but create our dual reality.


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