Post 355 Heartlessness, Rage, Guilt and Shame

’08 Sept 09 1:11 pm As I was editing my book on the different aspects of our being (Post 353) I felt the impact of what heartlessness was, and the significance of courage. As I wrote that, I flashed back to the R.U.O.W books, where Heart sprang forth from the Will, in a leap of joy and excitement when it saw the light moving toward it. But instead of the light of Love, it was the light of hatred and heartlessness that struck Heart, and the parts of Heart that were not killed, were imprinted and programmed with what then formed the blueprint of creation. What has been in control of creation ever since that experience has been heartlessness, and cold indifference.

Later I was thinking about the attributes of heartlessness, rage, guilt and shame and their negative impact on our reality.

Heartlessness: Hate, judgments, denial, attachments, conditions, rules, power, control, selfish, pride, egotistical, callous, indifference, manipulate, scheme, intimidate, interrogate, aloft, oh-poor-me, self-righteous, honor, duty, loyalty,

Rage: Control, power, revenge, being right, superior, fight, winning,

Regret, remorse, grief, self-control, self-doubt, self-hatred, should, would, could,

Shame: ridicule, withdrawn, self-hatred, worthless, not good enough, being wrong, shunned,


NOTE: I have written three books on my healing journey and you can download free PDF copies from my website at the following link… .

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