Post 356 Politics and Issues

’08 Sept 09 9:28 pm I went for a walk from 7-8 pm, and as I was crossing Sobey’s (Grocery store) parking lot to make my way home, two women approached me and one gave me a couple of NDP (Political party) election flyers. We started a conversation, and I told them that I had only voted in a federal election twice in my life, and the first time was for Pierre Trudeau when he came on the scene back in 1968. They were taken aback by that comment as they looked at me and joked that I wasn’t old enough to vote when he came to power. I said thank you very much, but I’m old enough to be your father, and that I’ll be 64 next month, as I felt that they were in their mid to late 30’s. The woman, that had handed me the flyers, told me that she was 46 and that she was also a Scorpio as here birthday was next month.She asked me how I looked so young and fit, and as we bantered back and forth, I felt I knew her, as not only did I feel at ease, but I also felt an attraction to her as there was something about her that fascinated and intrigued me. We continued our political, social and psychology discussion and after a few minutes, she told me that her name was Diane, and that she was the federal NDP candidate, She then introduced her assistant, and I introduced myself. She then asked me to drop into the office, if I had time, as she would like to seriously continue this discussion. I agreed, and we parted company.

Later that night, I got on the internet and I checked out the websites that were on the NDP brochure and found that she was not only running as the federal NDP candidate, but that she was a lawyer, had a BA in psychology, and that she was also involved with different Ontario Mental Health Associations. The website also stated that she was living in the next town with her two sons. I also noticed that the main NDP website had a broken link on the home page and that was not good for political business. As there was an email link, I wrote her an email describing what I had found.


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