Post 359 Politics and Religion

’08 Sept 12 8:08 am Yesterday I drove down town and stopped by the NDP office and I briefly spoke to the second woman that I had met earlier. This morning I was thinking of what the woman had said about how hard it was to get people to help, by either volunteering their time or donating money to the party. I thought that the only people who would volunteer are the people that firmly believe in the party and its “cause” and who also want to convert others to their cause.

Politics is a lot like religion in that people are usually born with a political view, based on what their parents had, and they are not likely to change unless something drastic happens that shakes their old beliefs. If they change their political affiliation out of curiosity, and a desire for change, they are always open to going back to their old political party should the party platform change to something that excites them, as they see now their position of power increasing.


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