Post 362 Politics, and the untapped power

’08 Sept 18 4:24 am I was thinking of Diane and politics and how all political parties are missing addressing 50% of the voters. It’s ironic that the NDP has set itself up as the “working class” or “ordinary person” party yet they haven’t tapped into this silent majority.

Right now you may be asking your self, “So just who is this silent untapped majority that can affect the rest of the voters?” One word… Women! Homemakers, working women, single parent mothers, grand-mothers, all women are still being treated as second class citizens compared to their male counterparts. Politicians are so wrapped up in playing the “game” of the power based “male” world, that they fail to see, or address this other side of society. In Canada, women have had the right to vote for almost 100 years, yet few women have had very little say in politics, or any other organization for that matter, and if they did, they have had to follow the rules of the mans world.

This issue is part-and-parcel of our imprints, programs and beliefs where women are considered and deemed to be weak, passive and submissive, the care-givers, and the men are supposed to be aggressive and controlling, the protectors and providers. Women also appear to be at the heart of this problem as they continue to reinforce these imprints, program’s and beliefs in their children, and those that fight to change, only find themselves up against resistance from the outside world, unless of course, they follow the mans rules. I’m not blaming women for this issue, just showing how it’s being controlled by men, and nurtured by women, and until there is a change in mass consciousness and these imprints, programs and beliefs are released, then nothing new can be created to be experienced.


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