Post 364 Changing others

’08 Sept 20 5:55 am 7:04 am

"Changing others is Lucifer’s plan, changing self is Gods plan"

Changing others by getting them to deny and not express who they really are and what they desire is how Lucifer gains power and control over others. He doesn’t have the power, but by denial (by default) we perceive that Lucifer has more power, but in effect, we are just denying our true power because we have this denied expectation and fear of failing imprint, that cuts us off from being totally present and in the moment. And because we are in denial, we are trying to fight Lucifer on his ground and his terms, rules and conditions, etc. that he can change at any time and so we are stuck and become the looser as denial of love is not our essence, nor our source of power. But denial of love (heartlessness) is what Lucifer is, and his power is feeding off of the denials of love essence.


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