Post 365 Dimensions – Space & Time, Light wizard – Dark wizard

’08 Sept 23 Tuesday 7:33 am I was thinking of form and body and the two dimensions of length and width and how they occupy space and form, yet lack depth. When you add the third dimension of height, now the form “pops” up to fill space in a totally different new way, where you can see the details of its form. Now the fourth dimension is time, and when you give the three dimensional object the ability to move, to animate and express itself in relationship to everything else that exists in all four dimensions.

So our physical reality has four dimensions, but, within that reality, there are also (simultaneously) other realities that are non-physical, that are linked to the physical.

Energy is not matter yet it can move as physical matter when in a physical conductor. Our Spiritual essence is non-physical matter, yet it is a part of our physical being that animates it and gives it life to experience itself. Energy from our combined Spiritual essence of Mind, Will, Heart, and Body form our physical Body.

Hummm? Without a form or Body, Mind, Will and Heart could not exist. Space needs to “open” so that our form can expand to create length, width and height to the being. That also means that without space opening for form or Body, there would be no time with which to experience physical reality, as all time would be one trapped in a stationery moment, frozen in time so to speak. .

Science defines Energy as a (Wave) and matter as a (Particle) that are interchangeable, that can be one or the other. (I’m seeing concept of wave and particle as a wave on a body of water.) For that to be possible, there has to be the opening of space and the dimension of time so that the movement can take place. Hummm? I’m missing something here?

A (wave) has a frequency and it also has an amplitude which gives it two dimensions. A wave can also be formed in any direction, so it has a third dimension and combined with movement, gives it the fourth dimension characteristic.

A particle (water) is also four dimensional, so if a wave and a particle have fourth dimensional qualities, that means that any and all energy has form (particle) and the only differentiation is the frequency, or vibration of the energy that also affects the density of the form or particle.

Hummm? I feel this is somehow connected to Lucifer, Rage, and also Heart, but I don’t know how in this moment. Denial denses up energy and matter. Living essence taking in hate (by denial) shrinks and compresses itself and in doing that it also becomes denser. Heart (Love) seeks to expand, while Hate seeks to control expansion and compress. If the Will opens space and time, she can only do that if Heart (love) is present as denial (hate) has no acceptance for expansion.

OK, thinking out loud here; going back to original cause when God (Spirit) was first becoming aware of himself and then the Will, when he unintentionally, on a wave of hate, fragmented a piece of himself, and sent out a rage fragment to stop the Will, and then later, he fragmented again and sent out Lucifer to attack and control the “thing” as he called Will, then when it was moving and annoying him, and disturbing his reverie. That “hate” had no heart presence, as all it wanted, and still wants to do, is to stop, control and compress any Will that seeks to move and expand. Hate is death; it’s the opposite of Love or life (acceptance, compassion, movement, expansion, growth, experience.)

So now, the white wizard feared the challenge of shape shifting into a rock, as that would mean becoming a lower or denser vibration, and that reminded him of Hearts experience in original cause, of being struck by a wave of hate (death) that was seeking to control, compress, and kill anything (including Heart) that was moving. That wave of hate that struck Will/Heart did lower Hearts vibration and compress it, and also killed parts of it and the Will and Will and Heart were imprinted by this experience. In the duel of magic, the White Wizard was re-acting to the imprint of feeling compressed (receiving hate) and also the imprint of expectation and failure when it was reaching for the Light that was coming toward it and was attacked for its reaching for what it thought was love. In Heart reaching for the Light the first time, and being struck by rage, that was in done in innocence, but in reaching for the light the second time, (the second strike with Lucifer) there was already the imprint of expectation and failure in place, based on the first strike. Heart was not aware of these imprints as they were unloving, but Lucifer was, and as the Dark Wizard, he knew what others didn’t.



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