Post 366 Audio editing my book

’08 Sept 24 I don’t presently have anyone that can, or is willing to proof read my book, so I decided to use a Text To Speech (TTS) audio program as an editing tool and after a 2+ weeks, I finally finished the “audio edit” of my book. I had downloaded a free program a TTS software called “Natural Reader” and while the actual voice of Microsoft Sam is pretty basic, my Toshiba laptop also has a voice feature that was added to the program that puts it in the same league with the TTS voice upgrades that you have to pay for.

I was quite surprised to find a number of “small” things that I missed when I proof read it a few weeks earlier. Some common ones were words that were spelled correctly, but were the wrong word, like though/through/thought, or then/than, and from/form, etc. Sentence structure that was a problem as in some cases, what looked OK when I read it, didn’t sound right, or didn’t flow when I listened to another voice saying it.

Now I can begin to focus on correcting the other “little” things so that I can get it ready to publish as both an e-Book and a printed book. What is also a nuisance is that any changes I make in one, I have to make in the other and as they are in different “Word” documents, it means going back and forth between them. I’m also in the process of getting an ISBN number and bar code and all that stuff.


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