Post 371 Book and an issue of denial

’08 Oct 02 4:54 am I worked on my book today adding a Table of Contents to both the e-book version and the printed version. I also had to make more little changes, especially in the e-book as the TOC page number shown and the actual page of the chapter were different and a few links were off.

12:08 pm Janice is still in the hospital under observation and Marian was going to drive to London, to take some stuff in for her after she had done her shopping. Before she left, I asked her if she knew Janice’s phone at the hospital and she offered to get it for me. She gave it to me and as she was leaving, she turned and snapped, “Don’t say anything that will upset her.” I felt angry at being attacked and snapped back, “So just what am I not supposed to say? Fuck you!” She didn’t reply, but just closed the front door and left.

Later I phoned to Janice and a nice chat. When Marian came back, she didn’t say anything and I felt I had nothing to say, as I said it earlier. I know that Janice hasn’t really dealt with all that has happened and she is afraid that she will lose this one also, and Marian is also reacting to that fear and both feel that denying the issues will solve the issue.


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