Post 372 Politics and Religion

’08 Oct 03 I had watched the first few minutes of the Canadian political debate last night and I was activated by the smugness and arrogance of Stephen Harper,(on the right) the present Canadian Prime Minister as he side stepped answering any direct questions, but instead, attacked others. The others weren’t much better, but he had a definite “foul” air around him that reminded me a lot of President Bush. Even though there were only 5 “recognized” political parties, there are more Federal Political Parties

As I reflected on the debate, I realized that there is very little difference between religion and politics when it comes to structure and format, SSDF….. Same Shit Different Form. Both have authority figures that are in control and if you “belong” to “their” party of religion, you are accepted and if not, you are wrong and rejected. They both operate as a social clique, a gang, that has common beliefs and methods of operation that they deem as right and righteous. Their agenda is to convert everyone else to accept their beliefs as their own.

Conservatives, Liberals, New Democrats, Green, Democrats, Republicans, what ever the political party, dictator or military power that is in control, think they are right and justified in their actions or lack of action. That’s not really any different than any religion, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever. Even within the so-called Christian religion, there are thousands of denominations, each claiming to be the chosen and right one. Anyone that belongs to their “specific” social group is acceptable and those that don’t, are rejected, and so we have conflict.

But it goes deeper than that, as there are only a few people that actually belong to the party, and even with that, there is a rank and file that determines who can run as party leader and MP, and who can’t. After these political party “delegates” have chosen a leader and candidates, then they parade their platform and hidden agenda to get the rest of the public, that isn’t in their political group, to vote them into office so that they can control and govern them.

Democracy is a farce, a sham, and is far from being the free society that it presents itself to be. You have only to look behind the scenes to see what is really going on. The same holds true for religion.


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