Post 374 Truck Accident

’08 Oct 05 2:30 pm I was picking up some empty boxes for the pending move at a townhouse just across the street. I was just about to open the door to my truck when the car that was parked to the right of my truck, backed up and a moment later I heard a loud crash. Thinking that she had hit another car I went to the back of my truck to see what had happened and lo and behold, she had hit my truck. She didn’t back up far enough before she turned the steering wheel to swing the car around and as a result, her drivers side front fender and bumper hit the rear quarter panel and bumper of my truck.

The young woman that was driving looked shocked as she got out of the car. Marian and the woman I was getting the boxes from, were outside talking and saw the whole thing. As I examined my truck I saw that she had hit the top of my rear tire, bounced off and dented the rear quarter panel and then hit the edge of my bumper. My bumper had already been damaged, so while I could see where she had hit me, I couldn’t really see any “other” damage at the time. At first glance, I figured my damage was maybe $300.00, given the inflated rates at auto body shops. Her car suffered minor paint damage to her fender, a broken headlight but the force of the impact moved her entire front-end over about 2 cm (3/4 inch)

By now, a number of adults and children came to see what had happened. I went to the young woman that was driving, that was now talking to an older woman and a man, and told them that we needed to exchange vehicle and license information and I went back to my truck to get my info.

When I obtained all my info, I looked for the woman and others and they had disappeared into their townhouse. I went to the townhouse and the older woman cam out and began to give me the information. I asked where the you other woman was as I need her drivers license, and that was when she told me that she was her sister, and that she didn’t have a license, and that she was just pulling the car our for her other sister. She said that she would take responsibility and I could see and feel that she was upset and regretted allowing her sister to drive the car. It didn’t matter to me as long as I got my truck fixed, so I agreed and took her name and drivers license and insurance number.

I went home, got my video came and took pictures of my truck and then went back and took pictures of her car just for the record.


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