Post 375 Lulu and a Insight on Publishing my Book

‘08 Oct 05 I had received a reply to my post on the Lulu forums and I wrote a reply (in part below)

(Post 2) Both examples in Post 373, are based on a 6×9 B&W Perfect Bound book with 200 pages and a Author royalty of $1.00/book

In the first example, Lulu’s Retail mark-up is a factor of 2.455 therefore ($5.50 x 2.455 = $13.50) using the old book cost calculator

But now that you asked, and I had another look, I must admit that I’m even more confused. I haven’t published my book yet, so I’m trying to get a handle on the manufacturing cost and retail pricing as it may just be more cost effective and less of a hassle (for me) to have anyone that wants my book printed, to just download it and either print it out, or get it photocopied and put in a binder.

I used the same book format, royalty and the same factor (2.455) to get to the second set of Retail figures based on the information in the link

I tried to search the website for clarification and I also tried several times to get help in their “live help” chat but to no avail. I decided that with this price increase issue and all the other issues that I was now reading about, that I wasn’t going to be using Lulu services and I wrote back venting my frustration and disproval.

(Post 3) It seems to me that Lulu has a long way to go to get their "act" together. If I, and others, are having this amount of confusion and frustration, then anyone wanting a book will also be going through similar issues and hassles. Lulu has been around for years, so these are not new problems, just ones they are incapable of resolving in a reasonable and logical way, or they choose not to resolve them. Either way, it’s good to find these problems and issues now and avoid being trapped in their web of incompetent or deceit.

I had read other blogs that had issues with Lulu print quality and in getting the wrong books inside their covers, but this just adds fuel to the fire. It’s too bad, but I don’t “assume” that there is any form of the so-called “management” team involved in any forum discussions, as that would be a simple way to begin to address the issues that they are not aware of. I for one am out of here, and I will definitely be spreading the word about the pitfalls of dealing with Lulu. Word of mouth…..

Ahhh! I just got it.. Word of mouth is effective in spreading the word, both pro and con….
"It’s not the “form” of the message, but the “message” that is important." This has been another “learning” experience for me, where I needed to let go of the “traditional” beliefs of mass communication that are also based on power, control and commercialism. I see my path, and Lulu, or any other POD publisher is not a part of it… Thanks for the experience and lesson.


PS: this post carries on from Post 373 Lulu POD publisher price increase

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