Post 377 Truck repair estimate and a visit to the Dentist

’08 Oct 07 My truck is a 1991 Nissan, and I took “collision” off my policy a couple of years ago as it wasn’t worth paying the $300.00 premium/year and then having to pay the $300.00 deductible, should I cause an accident, and then having a repair limit set to the value of the truck which I figured was around $1,500.00 at that time. Today, I received a call from my insurance company telling me that they were going to fix my truck under the “no fault” clause as it happened in a parking lot, and I wasn’t in the truck at the time. They also recommend a repair shop, so I made a call and dropped in for an estimate.

The Auto body place looked at the damage and I was shocked by what he said they were going to do. I told him that the bumper had been damaged before, but he said that he could see that she hit it, and that had the bumper been OK, she would still have damaged it, so he was putting in for a new bumper. He was also going to remove the cap over the box, so that the damaged rear panel could be properly painted and “feathered” out. Meanwhile, there’s rust and a hole in the body above the rear wheel, just a few inches away from the damaged area that they will just be painting over. When I asked him how much it would cost, his rough “guess-timate” was around $1,500.00. He said he would submit it to the insurance company and give me a call when to bring the truck in for repair.

From there I dropped in to see my dentist as I had made an appointment last week to get my tooth seen to. After looking at my last X-ray, and some prodding and poking and discussing the alternatives we decided to get the tooth pulled. After the extraction we examined the tooth and she said that we made the right decision as any repair would have been temporary, and would not have solved the gum infection and the damage to the tooth next to it and also the others. She gave me a prescription and I’m to see her in six weeks.

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