Post 380 Truck a write-off – Townhouse sold

’08 Oct 10 Yesterday I got a telephone call from the Auto body shop that the estimate was $1,495.00 (Humm, why was that not a surprise?) and that I had to bring the truck in for more pictures, as they had to be sent to the insurance company, as right now, the insurance company wasn’t going to pay for the repairs unless they felt that the truck was worth fixing up.

This morning I got a call from my insurance company telling me that they were not going to fix my truck, but were going to write it off. We had a few “words” as he was asking me questions, but wasn’t willing to answer any of my questions. After I expressed myself by telling him where to go, and what he could do to himself, and him threatening me, and me replying to the threat with a heartfelt statement, we began to have a civil conversation, and in the end, he was only too willing to help me, any way he could.

It turns out that they are prepared to give me $1067.85 for the truck, and that if I wanted to keep it, they would deduct a salvage fee of $125.00 from that amount. I was to also submit copies of all my repair expenses for the past year as that would also add to my “write-off” value. I went though my receipts and came up with $1,262.90. I don’t know what percentage I’ll get, but it will help. I e-mailed the copies to my broker who will email them to him and I expect to hear from him by the middle of the week.

It’s a weird situation as I’ll still be able to use the vehicle and they are still going to insure it, but instead of getting my truck repaired, they are going to pay me $1,000.00+. Go figure?… But hey, I’m not complaining..  Hummm? I just realized that I was concerned about money and now I’ll be getting money.

The other thing that happened today is that the offer that Marian had on the sale of her townhouse was finalized and it’s now a done deal, so it looks like I’ll be moving Nov 21.


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