Post 381 Exercise – Hurt right leg calf muscle

’08 Oct 12 I’ve been exercising, walking, running and biking off and on since April, and I have had various minor aches and sprains that have slowed me down, but three weeks ago, while on a walk/run I sprained my calf muscle/tendon in my right leg and I have literally been limping and hobbling around ever since. Not only that, I seem to keep hurting it doing simple little things like making my bed. It has been slowly getting better this past week, but I don’t feel I’m ready to continue where I left off as I’ll only cause more problems. I have re-started my indoor calisthenics, without any ones that directly affect my calf muscle, and that will have to do for another couple of weeks.

Update on Tooth: Echinacea and salt seem to be doing the trick as I don’t have any infection in the tooth socket and it’s healing up nicely.


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