Post 384 Harper’s Abuse of Power

Now I’m not a politician, nor do I belong to any political party, nor do I vote, but what I am is….. wake….. which is not, repeat…NOT what I can say about millions of people across Canada. So right now you may be asking yourself, “What the hell is he ranting about now?” Ok so here is my point-of-view and I may have it all wrong, and if so, I’d like to be corrected, but this is how I see it.

What has happened here in Canada with Stephen Harper (PM….again) is a blatant overstepping of power and authority and proving my point that democracy is a sham. Not only that, but that no other political leader, party candidate, party supporters, voters and media caught the fact that he was putting himself ABOVE the law and everyone, including what he was running for, democracy. Had any political leader caught this during the election, they could have crucified him and the Conservative party, but instead, he was reelected a few days later with a minority government, which is what he had when he called the election.

1) Stephen Harper called for an election on 2008 Sept 08 and dissolved parliament.
Harper to ask GG to set Oct. 14 as election date:
Canadian Parliament is dissolved

2) The dissolution of parliament means:
Dissolution of Parliament

Dissolution ends the life of a Parliament; the last session of a Parliament is therefore the one that ends with dissolution. The proclamation (issued by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister) dissolving a Parliament is usually followed by others, fixing the date of a general election and summoning the new Parliament to meet on a specific date.

Dissolution brings to an end all Chamber activity and all business before both Houses. All committees cease to exist and requests for Government responses to committee reports lapse. The Speaker and several of the other elected officers of Parliament continue to perform certain administrative functions until they are replaced or re-elected in a new Parliament following a general election.

Also see detailed articles on same page.
Dissolution of Parliament
Recall of the House of Commons

3) But now here is my point. On Friday, Oct 10, (four days before the election on Oct 1) Harpers Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty announces the bailout for the banks.

$25B credit backstop for banks 'not a bailout': Harper

There was no federal government at the time as it had been dissolved, and so the Conservatives had no authority or power to enact the legislation they did. What’s even more confusing and disturbing is that a few days earlier, Harper and Flaherty were both stating (as part of their political rhetoric) that the Canadian banks were solid and in good shape and not vulnerable like those in the US. The bail out of the banks wasn’t something that couldn’t wait until the new parliament resumed, especially considering the amount of the bailout to the tune of $25,000,000,000.00

This blatant fraud was carried out under the very noses of millions who either turned a blind eye, were afraid to say anything, or are too dull and unaware to even notice what has happened.

Reminds me of a poem I channeled a few years back that I’ve already posted Post 51 Going in Circles

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