Post 387 Truck cheque – adoption – Maggie

'08 Oct 16, I got a call from my insurance company and they are sending out a check to a local agent as my agent is in another city about 3 hours away.

‘08 Oct 16 I got the forms to fill out re: the adoption search. I filled it out and mailed it the next day. On the form it say it usually takes 18 – 24 months. That seems like a long time considering computers and everything

’08 Oct 16 Maggie, the standard poodle that Marian got as a pup of 5 weeks, is now 5 months old. She had clipped today, and I’m having a hard time adapting to her new look. When I would play with her before she got clipped, she was like a small clumsy bear, but now she looks like a giraffe and you relay see her eyes.

‘08 Oct 18 I received a call from the insurance agent and my cheque was in the office. I ended up getting $1163.20 and keeping my truck. It’s an interesting twist, in that what was considered an unfortunate mishap, turns out to be a fortunate one. Sure I still have a damaged rear quarter panel, but you notice the rust and hole above the wheel more than the dent. As soon as the weather turns a bit warmer, I’m going to crawl under the truck and apply some “persuasion,” to the inside of the quarter panel, and see if I can push it back out.


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