Post 388 Heart and Heartlessness

’08 Oct 20 I’ve been editing as weel as writing some pieces I feel I need to add to my book. One of them was about Heart and Heartlessness

The title of my book is "Journeys from the Heart Centre" and I chose that title for a specific reason, that being, that any form of healing has to begin with Heart presence (Love) because if there is no acceptance by the Mind to allow release of its judgments that have been denying any form of movement and expression by the Will, then no healing is possible and all that you will be doing is going in circles.

Heart is afraid of losing the little conditional love and acceptance it is getting from the Mind and as such, is afraid to challenge the Mind when it feels that Mind is being controlling and unloving. In doing so, Heart becomes a servant to the Mind in the same way that Will (intuition, knowing, feelings and emotions) and Body are servants, but for different reasons.

Heart (love) is the bridge that will allow healing to take place, but if Heart doesn't move to bring balance between the Mind and the Will, then healing is impossible. As long as Heart is afraid to say anything that will challenge Minds authority, and merely agrees with Minds choices, Mind allows him to tag along. Heart is not being loving to himself or the other aspects of self, by denying and sacrificing itself to keep the peace. It's not Heart or love, that is being expressed by self-sacrifice, but heartlessness, and with that comes denial, judgments and expectations. Mind is not loving here either, as he is unwilling to be challenged, or to even challenge his own judgments and beliefs. Hearts heartlessness and Minds judgments then combine to deny the Will and the Body and in so doing, become the doer's of evil, filled with Luciferian Light, pretending to be loving and doing what is best for all.

Many people falsely believe that they love unconditionally when they sacrifice themselves to make others happy. It’s impossible to be unconditionally loving toward others without being unconditionally loving to yourself first. You can't give what you don't possess, and simply saying that you are already unconditional love, while not giving all parts of your being the same love and acceptance you extend to others, is not coming from a place of “unconditional” love. To love yourself unconditionally, requires Heart presence, by having acceptance and compassion for yourself to do what you have never done before, and that is to allow your Will, (intuition, knowing, feelings and emotions) real expression in the moment they are felt. That’s why I say, “Healing begins in the Heart.”


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